2018: Have Fun, and Get Stuff Done!

Hello everyone! Let’s us first say, “HAPPY NEW YEARS!”

2017 has come and gone. There were a few cool things that we were able to do, and some things that we wished that we did better.



In 2017 we released PLANET ULTRA #2 and #3. We later released PLANET ULTRA VOL. ONE: THE FOUR HORSEMEN onto Amazon, and it contained issues #1-3. In September we released SUPER ELDERS #1, and actually sold a few copies of it. So not bad for our REAL first year.

So it wasn’t a bad year, but we wished we could have done more…

Instead of pondering on what we didn’t do it’s time to make some goals for the coming year.



First, coming in February, will be SUPER ELDERS #2. We have been working on this issue off and on for the past couple of months, and now we are getting it ready for full release.

In March we will be releasing a second edition to PLANET ULTRA VOL. ONE. It will include 16 more pages of artwork, and updates to some of the dialogue…so that it flows better.

In May we will release SUPER ELDERS #3 and in August we will be releasing SUPER ELDERS #4. Then in October we will be releasing the trade paperback version of the SUPER ELDERS graphic novel.

A big portion of our efforts will be focused on the release of SUPER ELDERS. We got other things we would like to do on top of that, and we would ask that you stay posted on all new news that comes out from us.




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Thanks again for your continued support.

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