PLANET ULTRA #3 Available Now

By Matt Vroom

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update on our newest release. PLANET ULTRA is a series of comics that I have been working on since 2015.

It first started out as a web comic that looked very different from what it does now. It later evolved into a series of zines that I published as a way to promote my screen printing company at the time.

In fact the first issue of PLANET ULTRA is the completed series of those first eight zines I made. Speaking of that first issue, it was awarded as the “Comic of the Week” by Which is a huge honor because it means that they display that comic on the front page of their site. Talk about free advertising and promotion.

I tried to do the zine series again with issue 2, but it didn’t really work in the same way. The comic is still broken down to eight mini-chapters, but they weren’t ever realized as zines.

In this issue, #3, I kept the eight mini-chapter formula, but did it without any intention in dividing it into zines. It’s not a big deal really, but it allowed me to have a more flowing narrative.

I am pretty proud of the way things turned out. This is the third and last issue of the “Four Horsemen” story arc. It concludes with a pretty steep cliff hanger. I did this on purpose because I want to see what happens next as much as I hope you would too.

This issue is definitely a must read for all audiences. It is family friendly and funny. The art isn’t too bad as well. It has super heroes, villains, zombies, and underground caves.

I definitely drew inspiration from Star Wars, Batman, and Dragon Ball Z. I hope that you are able to pick up those subtle story clues.

The next arc will begin again with PLANET ULTRA #0. It will be a secret origin story that will lead into the second arc. That might come out in the middle of next year. Why so late you ask? Well, because I need to finish the SUPER ELDERS graphic novel first, and then wrap up on ALEC TRUMAN AND THE SPACE HERO.

There are a lot of more exciting things coming out from Vroomation Studios in this year and the next. Next month I will be working on ALEC TRUMAN for NaNoWriMo, and will be partnering with SuperHeroSpeak in producing a new web comic called SONIC SIREN.

I hope to get SUPER ELDERS #2 done by December this year, but it might not be out yet until January of next year. So keep your eyes pealed for that.

Thanks again for your support, and for reading everything that I put out. Next week I will be making another announcement in regards to the first story arc of PLANET ULTRA. You will not want to miss out on that.

You can buy PLANET ULTRA #3 here for $1.99 digital download:

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